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Getting to know Unlimited Control & Supply, Inc.

     Unlimited Control & Supply, Inc. is pleased to service your need to achieve success in the marine industry.  Our sole focus is to provide our customers with high quality products and unmatched customer service.

     Unlimited Control and Supply, Inc., located in Houma, Louisiana has been serving the boating industry for over the last 18 years with a combined staff working on boats for 100 years.  We build variety of custom Alarm Panels, to customers specifications and stock a wide range of inventory pertaining to alarms and regulatory requirements include ABS, U.S.C.G., and Subchapter M.  We also have the personnel to do P.E. Certification of fire detection systems, AutoCAD drawing, and PLC Programming.

     Unlimited Control & Supply, Inc., is committed to understanding and meeting or exceeding the quality need and expectations of all of our customers, while striving for continual improvement at all times. Our goal is to be the leading panel manufacture to provide real opportunities and solutions to each of our customers, to grow stronger and to deliver unparalleled  quality, value to our customers.

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